Carrillo Connecting Rods BMW M5 E60 S85 Kit (WMC Screws)

Carrillo Connecting Rods BMW M5 E60 S85 Kit (WMC Screws)

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Manufactured in the USA in high quality forged steel, the Carrillo connecting rods from the Pankl group offer resistance and robustness to any test. Ideal for high performance competition engines, but also for engine rebuilds where reliability is a top priority.
Each Carrillo connecting rod guarantees an optimal strength/weight ratio, and features very high quality hardware. The manufacturing process offers continuous inspection and 100% traceability of each element.

Each Carrillo connecting rod kit includes a tube of molybdenum-based lubricant for assembly.

Style: PRO-H
Center to center length (mm): 140.72
Head diameter (mm): 56
Foot diameter (mm): 21
Head thickness (mm): 18.42
Foot thickness (mm): 22
Total mass (g): 522
Rotating mass (g): 372
Alternative mass (g): 150
Hardware: 3/8 WMC

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