Motec C1812 color dashboard

Motec C1812 color dashboard

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The C1812 is MoTeC’s latest Dashboard with an incredibly generous color display. It comes standard with 250MB internal memory and MoTeC’s world renowned i2 data analysis software. A Pro option is available for expert analysis.

The C1812s now offer the convenience and flexibility of USB recording, an optional upgrade that can be field activated at any time. This upgrade also increases the internal memory to 500MB. Additionally, newly built models provide three composite video inputs for a live camera feed to the display screen.

The vivid 311mm high-resolution, ultra-bright, anti-glare display for easy reading in direct sunlight. Choose from many selectable layouts and configure channels, labels and colors accordingly by opting for Display Creator option and treat your screen like a blank canvas with unique graphics, images, logos and custom icons . Create multiple pages to suit different scenarios, optimizing screen space for your application.



For full customization of display layout and graphics, add the Display Creator option.

  • Display: TFT color LCD, anti-glare
  • Resolution: 1280 x 480, anti-aliased graphics
  • Selectable fixed layout with channel and label configuration
  • 48 user-defined scrolling message lines with programmable overrides
  • 3 programmable ‘pages’, e.g. Practice, Warm-Up, Race


  • 250 MB internal memory
  • Optional USB connection to a removable storage device (flash drive)
  • Log rate up to 1000 samples per second
  • Fast Ethernet Download
  • Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (i2 Pro available as an upgrade)


  • 4 configurable CAN buses with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
  • Two CAN buses support VIM/SVIM extensions
  • 2 dedicated RS232 ports

Entries exits

  • 10 analog voltage inputs (20 with I/O upgrade)
  • 4 analog temperature inputs (8 with I/O upgrade)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 switching inputs
  • 4 x speed inputs
  • 3 composite video inputs for connecting PAL or NTSC cameras
  • 6 switched masses or PWM
  • Internal sensors
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer
  • Dashboard temperature sensor
  • Sensor supply voltage
  • Battery voltage


  • Dimensions 340.8 x 147.6 x 34 mm excluding connector, connector bosses and studs
  • Weight 1.712kg
  • 1 x 79-pin military connector
  • 1 mini-USB port


Link: C1812 datasheet

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